My Tree of Life

I left home to take up a job after fighting with my mom over innumerable issues. Mother – Daughter fights are never ending!

I always wanted to have a tattoo on my hand and I decided to have a tattoo that would mean something to me. And this is what I got done.

Tree of Life

It’s a Tree of Life. Tree is the only thing that connects two worlds, the heaven and the underworld. It connects all forms of creations and is a symbol of immortality and fertility.

Just like me and my mother. One cannot exist without the other but they belong to two different worlds.


Barking Dogs Never Bite

It’s my first blog and I want to share with you all an incident that happened last Friday.

2 guys in white kurta pyjama were probably returning from their prayers. In a signal we casually exchanged a look and the freaks started following me. They din’t know what they were getting into. One of the guys waved his hand and I ignored as if it wasn’t for me. They tried riding their bike parallel to mine. I slowed down so that I could see their number plate and I memorized the number quickly. Then I royally rode my bike parallel to theirs and shouted “KA 04 7**9, see you in the police station”.


PS: Barking dogs never bite.

Girls, try this. It really works.