12 things people say to you if you are from North Karnataka

1. You have become dark. ( ai! Yasht karag agi?)
70-80℅ of us from are born with dark complexion. Sometimes sounds like they have a fair & lovely shade card installed in their eyes.

2. You have become sooo thin (ayyo shivane, yasht thelag agi?)
Like I was a hippo once.

3. You look fat.!?!?! ( mast dhapp agi bidu)
Even when there is not even 1 gram variation


4. You are 24? You are getting old. People of your age have 2 -3 kids. What are you up to? ( ippat nak aytu, madvi yavag?)


5. My brother is studying in the US (ai, nim hudag bhal shane adan)
Your existence is very much forgotten from them on.

6. Why are you not wearing gold ( tangi bangar yali)
Oops! I have no dressing sense!

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7. You say “aram ri” to everyone irrespective of you know them or not ( aram ri? Ho nanu aram ri)

8. If you are not an engineer or a doctor, you dint clear your CET with a good rank.

9. Whatever you are wearing is never good. ( ai tango/tamma iden hakondi?)
Whatever you are not wearing would have looked better.

10.  Every married man has a golden watch. ( madvyag mavv kotid watch)

11. Stamping is a hobby for some and for some others it’s more like a profession

12. First thing people enquire about your job is your salary! ( compnyag yasht kodtar?)


I had a boyfriend I never knew of!

My semester exams were nearing and I hardly had notes. Like any other student. On asking a friend, he introduced me to a sincere guy who had all the notes from another college. I met him over a coffee, spent some time in front of a photocopy shop, took the copy of notes and said a good bye. Exams got over. I did well.

A few days later I got a call from this guy.
Guy: Hello. Why are ignoring my calls and messages all of a sudden? What wrong have I done?
Me: I’m sorry? Tejashwini here. I guess……
Guy: Of course I know! I love u.
Me: Errrr… wtf! #%&+()-&%£=:;(!)!.*%£>-++%-+blog

After a detailed discussion/interrogation I understood the entire story.
After he met me, he told his friend about it. Maybe he had told them about how nice a person I was 😉 His guy friends started texting him from a number and told him it was Tejashwini texting from her ‘very personal number’. Later he proposed, the guys accepted. After exams were over, everyone got too busy to continue playing the prank. So the poor guy waited and waited and called me on my not so personal number. He was so embarrassed when he realized it and never called me again.